Due to high demand, I am unable to take on any new students at this time. 

If you have had lessons with me before, you can book your preferred slots as usual.

I  will update this page when the situation changes. Thank you for your understanding.



These lessons are ideal if you would like to make better progress with your English lessons at school. 

READING. You will learn how to work out the meaning of difficult or unfamiliar words. You will work on comprehension questions to ensure that you have understood the meaning of a text correctly. You will learn how to recognise different techniques that writers use and talk about why they are effective. 

WRITING.  You will learn important spelling, punctuation and grammar rules. You will learn about different classes of words and the ways that they are used. You will look at different written formats and learn how the words and sentences have been used, to help you improve your own writing.

£20.00 per one hour session.

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These lessons will help if English is not your first language.

They follow The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), so you can learn at the level that is right for you. (A1 to C2 / beginner, intermediate or advanced). 

Every lesson will be prepared personally for you. If you tell me what you need to improve on, I will provide the right materials to help you learn. For example, I can help you to prepare for a particular qualification, or help you to develop the skills you need for a particular job. 

You will also develop your conversation skills as you learn by discovering new words and phrases that are commonly spoken in the English language.

£20.00 per one hour session.

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These lessons will help you to prepare for your GCSE exams in English Language or English Literature. You can study the full course, or just pick the areas of your study that you would like extra help with. You will work with real past papers from your exam board and practise the best way to answer the questions. 

ENGLISH LANGUAGE: You will write model answers for the reading sections of your exam and learn what you need to do to achieve high marks from the examiners. You will look at different types of text that you may be asked to produce in the writing sections of the exam, and learn the important features you should include.

ENGLISH LITERATURE: For your literature texts, you will study the characters and plots of your set books or plays, along with key themes and context. You will develop an understanding of  the mood and tone of the writing, and identify how symbolism has been used to emphasise the author's message. For poetry, you will learn how to identify different types of figurative language and comment on how and why poets use them. You will study different forms of verse and consider why some poems have a regular rhythm and rhyme scheme, and some do not. If your exam question requires you to discuss more than one poem from a collection, you will learn which poems share common themes and would be best to link together.

REVISION: You will also be provided with lots of helpful resources and website links to prepare your for your language and literature exams, which you can keep to assist with your revision.

£25.00 per one hour session.

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