The following terms are used throughout this document:

Tutor Diane’ is the (easy-to-remember) teaching name for Diane LaGambina.

‘Student(s)’ are the learners that will participate in the online lessons with Tutor Diane.

‘Client(s)' are the customers who book the online services of a tutor. Where the student is below 18 years of age, these will be parents or guardians.

Responsible Adult(s)’ are the adults over 18 years of age who must be in the proximity of the student for the whole of the lesson time so that they can be called upon if there are any issues.



Tutor Diane is committed to ensuring the highest possible standard of safeguarding.

This safeguarding policy contains a number of features which aim to provide a safe online educational environment for all students.

As a teacher and a tutor, Tutor Diane has completed Safeguarding Training and holds an Enhanced Disclosure from the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).

Tutor Diane is registered with the DBS Online Update Service whereby this certificate is checked and reviewed annually.

This allows Tutor Diane to work with adults and young learners and is evidence that that she has no criminal convictions, reprimands, cautions or warnings.

The DBS Certificate and Online Update details for Tutor Diane are available to view upon request by emailing

All online Lessons are recorded (with consent) and made available for playback to clients and students.

For safeguarding purposes, all children under the age of 18 who attend online lessons with Tutor Diane must be in the proximity of an adult over 18 years of age.

The responsible adult will not be required to participate in the lessons but should be at a close location so that they are available to the student if they have any concerns during the lesson.

The responsible adult is welcome to join the live online session at any time, or contact Tutor Diane via the Contact form on the website, if they have any concerns regarding the safeguarding of the student whilst undertaking online tuition.

The following link to the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre provides a wealth of information regarding the safety of students whilst studying online:




 Tutor Diane will ensure that the online teaching environment does not display any inappropriate images or documentation.

Tutor Diane will treat all students fairly and without prejudice or discrimination.

Tutor Diane will always ensure that language used in the lessons is appropriate and not offensive or discriminatory.

Tutor Diane will ensure that any contact with the student is appropriate to her role as a tutor and confined to the relevant online lesson.

Tutor Diane will not make any improper suggestions to a student or send unsolicited communications to the student or client.

Tutor Diane will value and take students’ contributions seriously and ensure that they are valued and respected for their contributions.

Tutor Diane will report any dispute, inappropriate behaviour or illegal activity from the student to the responsible adult who is nearby. If this is not possible, the client who made the booking will be contacted immediately by telephone or email.



Students under 18 years of age cannot receive online tuition unless confirmation has been given by the client at the time of booking, that the student will be in close proximity of an adult over 18 years of age for the duration of the online lesson.

The student will treat Tutor Diane with respect and fairness, and not subject her to abusive behaviour or language.

The student will value and respect the contribution of Tutor Diane.

The student will not make any improper suggestions to Tutor Diane.

The student will have no inappropriate communication with Tutor Diane outside the online lesson.

The student should report any dispute with Tutor Diane to the responsible adult immediately.

The student should raise any concerns they have about the conduct of Tutor Diane with the responsible adult or the client as soon as possible.



The responsible adult must be available for the entire online lesson so that any concerns encountered by the student or Tutor Diane can be reported as soon as possible.

The responsible adult must ensure that the student is fully aware of the Tutor Diane Safeguarding Policy.

The responsible adult is held responsible for the welfare of the student during the session.

The responsible adult is held responsible for the physical environment of the pupil during the session ensuring it is safe and appropriate.



If an incidence of child abuse is identified during an online teaching session, the following guidance will be followed:

A report can be made by anyone involved with the booking and delivery of the lesson, namely Tutor Diane, the student, the responsible adult or the client.